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ACR Supply Company

RightNow Media @ Work provides new online resources for ACR Supply Company employees and their leadership curriculum.

ACR Supply Company, headquartered in North Carolina, is a leading HVAC and refrigeration wholesale distributor. Vice President Kevin Parsley launched RightNow Media @ Work in October 2018 to provide new online resources for their employees and to improve their leadership curriculum.


Before RightNow Media @ Work, we were looking to give our team members more growth and learning opportunities in various formats and settings. We use RightNow Media @ Work to provide these opportunities as well as entertainment.


Since providing RightNow Media @ Work for their employees, ACR Supply Company has been able to:

RightNow Media @ Work provided options for our team members and their children as well as more growth and learning opportunities. As long as the content remains, we will continue to use it.
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