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We’ve created free resources and provided examples from other organisations to help you share RightNow Media @ Work with your people.

We email your invitations.

We send out personalised email invitations to everyone in your organisation to let them know about their free gift—access to RightNow Media @ Work. You simply provide the email list and we take care of the rest.

You make an announcement.

Tell your people how they can access RightNow Media @ Work for free. Get their attention by making it fun and engaging. Use some of the free resources provided below and see how others successfully launched as well.


Free Resources

Check out these resources and examples from other customers to help maximise your announcement. Use the launch video on your website, add an insert to your company newsletter or display posters around your building.

Feel free to be creative—you know what works best. It’s also a great idea to remind your people of their free access to RightNow Media @ Work throughout the year.

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Get creative and inspired

See how other organisations have successfully launched RightNow Media @ Work for creative ways to spread the word to your people.

Oklahoma City, OK

Steve Green, President
David Green, CEO

Dallas, TX

Henry Rodgers
Corporate Chaplain

Fort Worth, TX

Dina Dwyer
President & CEO

Memphis, TN

Alan Barnhart
President & CEO

Charlotte, NC

Frank Harrison

Kingwood, TX

Jim Greenwood
President & CEO

Louisville, KY

Stephen C. Hanson

Frisco, TX

Nathan Sheets

Birmingham, AL

Stephen Splawn

Tampa, FL

Vince Kudla

Greenville, SC

Kip Miller
President & CEO

Fort Worth, TX

Tom Ferguson
President & CEO
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